Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Garden Update

My garden is growing and it is looking great.  This season truly was weird: it rained for what is seem like the whole month of May and then in June it just quit raining. And trend did not change in July and August; a true lack of rain. My tomato plants are tall and beautiful; my garden  looks more like a tomato forest. Please note the picture below.

But I have to say, overall I am really pleased with my garden this season. I have most everything I would use out there right now. I definitely still have some learning do in the process. Next years, I will have some major changes.

Oh, the salsa has been made, I need to make some more. Anticipation of the salsa, is the highlight for my daughter. I will say 'hey look at the little tomatoes' and she looks at me and says: 'Mmmm, salsa'. And that is really the only thing that she wants from the garden. I hopefully will be making more of salsa and  then some marinara.

I just got some dill, I am so ready for some dill dip with roasted pepper and some Hawaiian bread. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

Ready to go: in May

The variety stripped paste

One Lazy Dog

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