Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Big Plans!

Seize the day... which is the running joke at my house currently (from Megamind). But there is much to say said about that quote. I have been wanting to start my own blog for quite some time now. I want to share so much!! I love cooking, heck I love food, not just cooking. But that is not the only subject that I wish to share; my passion for gardening, my love of technology (gadgets, Photoshop, programming) and more things that interest me. I want to also share experiences that I have learned from by a parent in this crazy world.
In addition, my family is interested in this blogging thing, too; so I hope from time to time you will see posts from my husband, Kryss and my daughter Morgan. Kryss like me; loves the gadgets. If only, we made more money or someone would just give us products to test we would. Kryss also enjoys video games when he get to actually play with them. Morgan is a movie buff, and she is pretty sophisticated for a nine year old. With that, she can understand pretty complex plots and she realizes everything is part of the movie (aka not real). I think that she would make an excellent costume designer one day.

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